Sabtu, 03 Mei 2014

negara manufacture

Hasil penelitian yang cukup mencengangkan.
Indonesia saat ini masuk kategori manufacturing cost terendah.
Jika bertahan lama, mungkin era barang amrik diproduksi di cina akan segera stagnan.

The country with the lowest manufacturing costs, we found, is not China. It's Indonesia, then India, Mexico, and Thailand. China comes next—with Taiwan's costs just a tad higher and the U.S.'s a bit more than that, ranking America No. 7 in our study.

As Chinese labor costs rise, American productivity improves, and U.S. energy expenses fall, the difference in manufacturing costs between China and the U.S. has narrowed to such a degree that it's almost negligible. For every dollar required to manufacture in the U.S., it now costs 96¢ to manufacture in China, before considering the cost of transportation to the U.S. and other factors. For many companies, that's hardly worth it when product quality, intellectual property rights, and long-distance supply chain issues are added to the equation.

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